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Modern Ballet Dancers

Heels Class

(open level)

Find your fierce

Elevate your Dance journey with our Heels dance class. With fresh routines taught every week, this empowering class combines jazz, hip hop and contemporary styles to refine your technique, boost strength and ignite self expression. Embrace your confidence and fierceness as you learn to captivate.

This class is catered to all levels. Heels optional.

Leg Stretching Yoga Pose


Art of Seduction

Our Tease class is perfect for Beginners or anyone wanting to learn the art of seduction. With new choreography each week, you will learn how to move confidently and smoothly on and off the chair. Dress code is whatever the hell you want!

Bring knee pads and an open mind.

This class is beginner friendly. 

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Pole Dance Class

(open level)

Shake your Booty

Discover the art of Booty Popping, muscle isolations and mesmerising hip movements. Each week we will take you through all the twerk movements and put them together in a fun routine. Knee pads essential.

 Sweat, laugh, workout and shake your booty to some epic tunes. 

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Slow and Steady

If you are new to dance then this is the perfect class for you. Our fundamental class gives you an in-depth experience, teaching you all the moves and tricks for Heels, Twerk and floor work in a fun and supportive environment. Learn how to strut, body roll, move on the dance floor, shake your booty and grow confidence. 

Group Dance


Therapeutic dance

Embark on a transformative journey in our Contemporary Dance class, where movement is not just an art form but a therapeutic exploration for the soul. Connect deeply with your emotions, unraveling layers of self-expression that serve as a cathartic release. This class transcends traditional dance, offering a holistic experience that nurtures your mental and emotional well-being. Through the synergy of movement, emotional connection, and storytelling, discover the healing power that dance brings to your soul.

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